How I started

Started as autodidact, working with airdrying clay. In 2005 I got more serious in making dolls, inspired by a friend who made dolls of air drying clay. About nine years ago I did a four day workshop with Natasha Tomskaya from Russia, where I learned the basic techniques making dolls out of papier-maché. I got so inspired by this way of working that I decided to continue working with papier-maché, instead of air drying clay.

My work

There is a great diversity in my dolls, that is because I love to experiment in how I can work in different ways with paper. I am still amazed that pieces of paper and glue can be shaped into the creations of my imagination.

That you can make big pieces out of paper-maché is well known. I challenge myself, how small and smooth can I work, how can I get all the details I want.

Love to make smaller creations with tiny details and accessories like hats, shoes or bags. Like to paint the accessories as if they are made of leather or fabric.

My creations are painted and have cloths of fabric or leather. My creations have a smooth finish, and when painted they look like they are made of self drying clay. Lately I don’t paint the whole doll. I only paint eyes and lips, so you can still see the paper I use.


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